Allan Mineroff, MD, PC

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Our patients reviews

Dr. Santa was very nice and very thorough with my appointment. I very much liked her. Thanks Dr. Santa

Mary D.


Kathy F.

Great.Dr Santa prescribed two medications and they both worked.

Wiliam F.

Dr. Mineroff, and his staff, have provided quality care and outstanding service to my and me family for decades. Also, he took quick and life-saving action when discovering a melanoma and referring me for immediate attention at HUP. I recommend him, and his colleagues, to all

Dr. Alexander G.

I liked Dr Santa. She was through, and she listened.

Barbara F.

Dr. Foering is thorough in her exam AND listens to me when I have questions or concerns

Carolyn N.

Friendly, informative and supportive healthcare staff

Velia McCabe

Dr Foering was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She explained everything to my satisfaction, was on time, and I would certainly recommend her.

Steven Block

Removed growth on my arm.

Joanne M.

Dr Mineroff is always professional and personable!

Ron G.

Clean, professional and friendly office. I have used Dr. MIneroff for many, many years and I would highly recommend him.

Bobbie M.

Warm. Caring. On time

Susan W.

Ray B.

Great appointment, Dr. Listened to me, had a very competent assistant who took notes. Genuinely interested in treating my conditions.

John W.

Dr. Foering takes her time and treats effectively. She is personable and kind. Her staff is efficient and friendly.

Mary Ann D.